Scottoiler Motorcycle xSystem 2.0 2023 Model



When we research, develop and create our award-winning products we do so with bikers, and bikers alone in mind. This is because our team is largely made up of all types of bikers – seasoned riders, former competitors and weekend riders. This allows us to approach each of our products from unique perspectives and identify exactly what riders want and what they need – ensuring YOU get the best product to suit your riding experience!

We know how important it is to our customers for us to be up-front and add value to every biker’s experience when using a Scottoiler product – be it a chain oiler or one of our bike protection products.

Therefore, this leads us on to the xSystem, our new electronic chain oiler perfect for an ever-growing rider type – the commuter!


xSystem 2.0
  • Electronic
  • Easy installation straight to the motorcycle battery
  • Temperature adjusted
  • Adjustment on reservoir
  • On with engine vibration
  • 60ml reservoir
  • 15 flow rate settings
  • Flashing LED on reservoir