Scottoiler Lube Tube – Flexible Reservoir




The Lube Tube is a flexible reservoir that simply plugs into your Scottoiler kit to increase the range by up to 3 times.

  • Flexible silicone reservoir.
  • Easily connected to the range of Scottoiler Kits.
  • Increases the range on the system up to 3 times before refills.

Lube Tube

The Lube Tube is a flexible silicone reservoir which connects easily to your Scottoiler to increase the oil capacity of your system.


q_bgWhat does it do?

Put simply, it increases the distance you can ride before you need to refill your system with oil.  The basic Scottoiler kit will give you between 500-1,000 miles in range before requiring a refill.  With the Lube Tube fitted you can increase this by up to 3 times.

Download the installation manual here:
icon Lube Tube install guide small (422.79 kB)


The 200ml capacity Lube Tube offers a flexible extra reservoir providing enough oil for up to 3000 miles of riding. Ideal for long distance riders who are short of space. Be sure to check our installation guides to ensure that the lube tube is suitable for your particular bike.