Scottoiler eSystem E3.1 Electronic Chain Oiler Kit 2023 Model



Supplied with Bio Oil unless requested exchange for Blue or Red Oil

Standard Blue (0-30˚C) SKU: SO-9005v3
High Temp. Red (20-40˚C) SKU: SO-9020v3

As the most advanced electronic chain oiling system in the world, the Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 is designed for the biker who wants total control over their bike and it’s health – this including ultra-precise chain-oiling, of course. Connecting to your bike’s battery, the eSystem LED Display sits between your handlebars, allowing you to adjust oil flow-rates with ease.

The eSystem reservoir can be easily installed on the mainframe of the bike, with dispenser, cabling and oil provided to easily fit the dispenser above the sprocket face for optimal lubrication.

The Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 builds on the previously popular eSystem models with several software and hardware improvements for 2020!

Self-calibration is now introduced, allowing you to get to what matters most quickly – riding hassle free! As well as this, further flow-rate settings have been introduced primarily at the lower end of the scale to allow for more precision particularly in wavering climates.

Furthermore, following popular demand, the eSystem v3.1 now retains all pre-established settings, even when disconnected from the battery! Leaving your bike over winter? Holiday planned? It’s now even quicker to get on the road and not have to worry about adjusting your settings – unless you want to.

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Increases chain and sprocket life on your bike.
Easy and quick fit on to your bike.
Significantly reduces any need for motorcycle chain maintenance.
Sits easily between handlebars for quick and total control.
Quicker start-up and now added flow-rate settings.
Self-calibrating and now retains all pre-established settings.

eSystem v3.1
  • Electronic
  • Easy installation straight to the motorcycle battery
  • Temperature independent
  • Adjustment on handlebars
  • On with riding speed
  • 60ml reservoir
  • 14 flow rate settings
  • Visual feedback on multifunction dashboard display