RST Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag CE Mens Textile Jk Black


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RST Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag CE Mens Textile Jk
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Now fitted with Airbag technology and the X-Liner, an advanced hybrid thermal/SinAqua lining, the Adventure-X jacket & jean is a must have for all conditions from the coldest Scottish winters to the harshest deserts.

Adventure riding is about tackling any and every environment you can imagine. From the depths of
winter in the Scottish Highlands to riding across the Sahara in the middle of the summer, the Adventure-X is one jacket that can go with you on the entire journey. RST’s innovative removable X-Liner combines waterproof SinAqua protection with a built-in thermal layer, is quick and easy to remove and has been designed to be accommodated in the rear pocket when not in use.
The large vents all over the jacket enable a huge airflow when all fully open, and a water bladder pocket (bladder available separately) can keep you hydrated when the going gets tough! Add in class leading safety features of Level 2 armour, external shoulder sliders and of course In&motion integrated airbag technology and you have the ultimate riding jacket!

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