Pegase Track And Trace Motorcycle GPS Tracker Lead Acid PEG0008


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The Pegase Track And Trace Motorcycle GPS Tracker is the only subscription free GPS/GSM tracker on the market.

  • Compact design makes the tracker smaller than a credit card
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Provides up to 4 pings a second
  • Automatic wake up
  • 3 Levels of defence
  • Notifications straight to your phone

The Pegase Track And Trace Motorcycle GPS Tracker is a compact and easy to install motorcycle GPS tracker. It comes smaller than credit card which makes it easy to fit under the seat of a motorcycle making it impossible to be seen. It simply connects to the motorcycles battery thank to its quick connection cable.

Unlike most systems which ping every few minutes, this tracker provides up to 4 pings a second which ensures a real-time location tracking down to just 2 metres. It has an automatic wake up which ensures that it can be tracked even if the bike is off. This tracker comes with 3 levels of defence, these are vibration, movement and geo-fence. This tracker is waterproof to IP54 ensuring that this tracker can work at all times even if the motorcycle is left out in the rain. The internal battery offers up to 3-4 weeks protection.

An added bonus of this tracker is it can also record a whole journey should that option be chosen. This can then be shared onto the app, socials or a simple .gpx file. It can also track speed, acceleration, deceleration, lean angle and much more. It can also be used as a lap timer at any tracks.

This is the only motorcycle tracker in the world that doesn’t require a subscription to be used. Everything is included in the price with no hidden costs.

Please note: This tracker comes in 2 different models depending what kind of battery you have connected to your motorcycle.

Please note: The Lead Acid option can also be used on Gel batteries.



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