P12A – 12V Socket for Motorcycle Handlebar



The accessory P12A is a waterproof 12V socket with a universal motorcycle handlebar holder (22.2 / 25.4 / 28.6 mm, ideal also for BMW and Harley-Davidson handlebars), thanks to the included adapters. The total lenght of 145 cm makes it ideal for every motorcycle.
The cigar socket is made up of a wiring harness with eyelets for permanent connection to the motorcycle battery (lenght 80 cm) and a cabled cigarette lighter socket with a waterproof connection system. The cable with eyelets, provided with a protection fuse with waterproof fuseholder, can be used also for connecting BC chargers. A protection cap and a sealed connection system make the accessory waterproof.
The socket can be used to recharge and/or to supply electronic devices provided with a cigarette lighter adapter (smartphones, GPS navigators, power banks, MP3 readers…) or as power input for the connection of battery charger BC Battery Controller, to charge and maintain the battery on the vehicle.
It is possible to remove the handlebar mount and to place the socket in a compartment of the motorcycle or to panel mount it: the installation is easy and with no possibility of mistake (polarity inversion, etc.). You have to unscrew the ring nut and insert the socket in a hole with a diameter of 28 mm (1.1 inches). Finally, fix the socket again with the nut and connect it to the battery cable.


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