OptiMate 5 Select Battery Charger & Maintainer



OptiMate 5 6V/12V is the all-in-one tool for 6V & 12V battery care at home. OptiMate 5 6V/12V has all the fully automatic 100% safe and easy-to-use characteristics of the 1.5 million OptiMates produced since 1995, but adds a powerful 2.8 Amp output to take care of larger batteries.

Forgot your battery throughout the winter? OptiMate 5 6V/12V will recover it from deep discharge and optimally recharge it. Then it will check that the charge delivered is the best possible before checking how well the battery can retain the charge and tell you its status, at a glance. Of course, it will then maintain your battery at full charge safely for months at a time, prolonging its life by up to 400%.

How it works:

1. Safety check: OptiMate 5 6V/12V must be connected to a battery (retaining minimum 0.5V) to activate its output.

2. Desulphation and recovery: if the battery’s resistance is abnormally high due to sulphation, a higher voltage is automatically applied to overcome this so as to recover very flat or neglected batteries until they are able to accept the normal charge program.

3. Bulk charge: a constant current of 2.8A (4A in 6V mode) efficiently brings the battery close to full charge.

4. Charge: Pulse absorption, cell equalisation (balancing) and charge verification: Charging is delivered in controlled pulses that automatically equalise cell voltages, until the current has reduced below 400mA which is indicative of a battery that has reached full charge.

5. Charge retention test: when the monitored parameters confirm that an optimal charge has been achieved, the first check for battery (and connected system) power leakage commences. Depending on the voltage retained during 30 minutes, an “OK” (green LED) or “not OK” (red LED test result is displayed. These 30-minute test periods repeat hourly until the OptiMate 5 6V/12V is disconnected, so that the battery status indication is continually updated.

6. Charge maintenance: during alternate 30 minute periods, the battery is offered charge current (up to the maximum) it needs to sustain it against any small connected loads or power leakage and against natural self-discharge. OptiMate 5 6V/12V can stay connected to the battery indefinitely and the battery will stay cool and safe. And optimally charged. Of course.

Technical Specifications:

Recommended for: AGM / MF, STD, GEL & spiral cell batteries from 3Ah to 120Ah (12V); 3Ah to 160Ah (6V)
Programme control: 9 stages, fully automatic
Input current max: 0.90A @ 100-240V
Typical annual energy cost: Less than £1.00 per year (continuous maintenance)
Reverse drain current: Less than 0.5mA
Output current (bulk charge): 2.8A (12V); 4A (6V)
Automatic desulphation: Yes
Charge time limit (bulk): 72 hours
Maintain / test cycles: 30 min/30 min (alternating hourly)
Charge retention test: 2 possible results – ‘good’ & ‘bad’
Size: 190 x 75 x 56mm
Weight: 1000g
Enclosure classification: IP54
Mounting: Easy direct wall mounting
Input cable length: 2m
Output cable length: 2m
Included Accessories: O1 Weatherproof Eyelet Lead; O4 Clamps Lead for bench charging
Operation temperature range: -40°C / +50°C
Warranty: 3 years
Certification (230V model): TUV/GS conformity
Manufacturer Part Number: TM322

Diagnoses, recovers, charges, checks & maintains your battery automatically for months. All major battery manufacturers recommend maintaining starter batteries FULLY CHARGED during periods of non-use. OptiMate 5 6V/12V is totally safe for months-long connection and maintenance of irregularly or seasonally used batteries even while still connected to the vehicle. The sophisticated charging algorithm ensures no risk of over-charging.

Suitable for all types of rechargeable 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries: filler cap types; absorbed glass mat (AGM or “MF”); valve regulated (VRLA); GEL-electrolyte. As simple as 1-2-3: Just connect OptiMate 5 6V/12V to your battery, the rest is automatic. Electronically protected against user errors. There is no switch, no fuse and there are no sparks.

Delivered with two interchangeable SAE connection sets, one with clamps for bench charging, the other with in-line protection fuse and eyelet terminals for permanent connection to the vehicle’s battery to allow easy reconnection of charger when necessary.

Certifications: TUV/GS conformity. 3-year warranty.