Midland BT-Pro Audio Kit #C1252-02


  • Enables use of a single bluetooth unit on multiple helmets
  • Compatible with Midland BT Next Pro Ultra / BTX2 Pro / BTX1 Pro
  • Superbass sound Hi-Fi speakers
  • Bluetooth module slide mounting bracket
  • 3M self-adhesive base plate
  • Screw-clamp base plate
  • Flexible boom microphone
  • Wired microphone
  • 3M mounting pads pack

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The Midland BT-Pro Audio Kit contains all components needed to operate a Midland Bluetooth system*, enabling rider’s to use a single Bluetooth system on multiple helmets. Simply install an Audio Kit on each helmet and switch the Bluetooth unit onto the helmet being used.

* This Audio Kit will work with Midland Bluetooth modules BT Next Pro Ultra / BTX2 Pro / BTX1 Pro

Featuring a pair of unrivalled sound quality Superbass Sound Hi-Fi speakers, the kit includes mounting brackets and microphone options suitable for all helmet types including full-face, flip-front and open-face.

Each BT-Pro Audio Kit contains

1 x Superbass sound Hi-Fi speakers
1 x Bluetooth module slide mounting bracket
1 x 3M self-adhesive base plate
1 x Screw-clamp base plate
1 x Flexible boom microphone
1 x Wired microphone
1 x 3M mounting pads pack


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