Kellerman Chain Breaker/Rivetter Tool



Chain Separator and Riveter / KTW2.5

Tool for cutting and riveting hollow rivet locks

– Disconnect the chain

– Mount the chain lock

– Rivet chain lock bolt


– The chain tool KTW2.5 is the enhanced development of the KTW2.0.

– The tool now contains two mandrels with different diameters.

– The pre-assembled mandrel is now even more dimensioned and matched to 5xx and 6xx chains.

– The enclosed mandrel is specially designed for the separation of 4xx chains.

The Kellermann chain tool enables the easy disassembly of the old and the precise assembly of the new chain (with rivet lock) without laboriously removing the rear swingarm. The tool can be used to separate chains of all common brands (eg BDID, Regina, RK, etc.) and riveted with hollow rivet locks. For use, only a 19er ring or socket wrench is required.

The chain tool consists of the main force-transmitting tool and a patented positioning unit for the rivet lock, which is characterized by a completely new and simple possibility of pushing on the side link of the chain lock. This newly developed magnetic positioning unit ensures easy and absolutely precise mounting of the side link of the chain lock.

The existing both in the pressure as well as in the counter plate magnets hold the two parts of the chain lock and allow through the guide an accurate, simple and convenient alignment of the chain lock parts to each other.

This is crucial for a damage-free installation of the chain lock and can be controlled by the recesses in the pressure plate at any time. The magnets also ensure that the positioning unit adheres to the chain and does not have to be held constantly.

With the main tool, the positioning unit can be used to push the side flap onto the chain lock; a step that can be very time-consuming and very nerve-wracking without the new positioning unit.

The pressure plate and counter plate are designed so that they extend over the adjacent chain links, so that you can already see with the naked eye when mounting the chain lock, when the tab is fitted far enough on the two bolts.

Thus, the otherwise often occurring damage to the chain or chain lock are largely excluded by assembly errors.

It is suitable for all 4, 5 and 6 divisions.

Chains of all common brands can be separated and riveted with hollow rivet locks.

!!!ATTENTION!!! EQUIPMENT!!!! : The tool is also suitable for full rivet locks when using the rivet head former.

Rec. Torque:

4 chains: 10Nm

5er chains: 20Nm

6 chains: 25Nm

A torque of more than 35Nm can damage the tool!


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