intAct C60-N24AL-B Classic Bike-Power Battery With Acid Pack


  • High Performance dry-charge battery
  • Supplied with acid pack
  • Available in 6V and 12V models
  • Reliable starting
  • Long service life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Central degassing
  • Only install upright
  • Non-sealed, flooded battery
  • Excellent recycling properties

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INTACT CLASSIC Bike Power – solid motorcycle batteries with no frills delivering high start-power, offering reliability and long service life with regular maintenance. This classic flooded lead-acid battery is dry-charged and comes complete with acid pack included, ready for filling and charging. Suitable for most motorcycles and scooters, the Classic is an excellent priced powerful starter battery particularly suitable for bikes that do not have additional electrical devices installed.

intAct is an exclusive partner of the LiquiMoly intAct GP motorcycle racing team, entering its eight season in the Moto2 World Championship, one of the toughest series in motorcycle racing. The team has grown in recent years to become a respected part of the MotoGP motorcycle world championship, race-winner and championship contender within the Moto2 class.


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