Flashbird Track And Trace Motorcycle GPS Tracker Lithium & Lead Acid PEG0014


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Flashbird, how does it work?

A tracker (also called a GPS beacon) allows you to geolocate and track your motorcycle or scooter in real time. Your vehicle is protected against theft, you are protected in case of accident.

Subscription required – first month free then 5€/month

I place my Flashbird GPS tracker under the seat of my motorcycle in 2 minutes. (only one cable to plug in).

I am alerted to the slightest suspicious movement and Flashbird Cops will assist me 7/7 – 24/24 to safely find and recover my motorcycle with law enforcement.

I am protected by Flashbird Emergency: accident detection and SOS call 7/7 – 24/24 Everyday, I record my trips (speed, inclination, etc) and I can share them.


  • Flashbird Cops©: theft protection in partnership with law enforcement agencies.
  • Flashbird Emergency©: accident detection and emergency call with Liberty Rider.
  • SmartKey©: smart key fob for automatic activation/deactivation of anti-theft device.
  • Detailed trip history (speeds, inclination, etc.).
  • Tracking and maintenance reminders for your vehicle.
  • Lap timer for track use.


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