Electrosport ESR751 Regulator and Rectifier


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This regulator/rectifier has the same housing shape as the OE part and fits in the same location. It however has heavily upgraded rectifier bridge built in along with a modern regulation circuit. Heatsinking is superb and the item comes with a full one year warranty.Before ordering please check your OEM unit so that you know which connector configuration is needed.This ESR751 (single 6-pin connector block) is electrically similar to ESR750 (with 6-pin connector block AND a 3-pin connector), the difference is only in the connectors.

SUZUKI Street BikesDR650 (92-95)
VS800GL Intruder (96-05)
VS800 / S50 Boulevard (06-09)
VS1400GLP Intruder (96-04)
VS1400 / S83 Intruder (05-07)


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