Electrosport ESR650 Regulator and Rectifier – Honda


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ESR650 is a modern high quality regulator/rectifier that replaces the dated OEM regulator on the Honda VF Magna and Sabre models. It incorporates our newest power circuit combined with our highly efficient heat sink.Our ESR650 offers superior voltage stability ensuring the battery receives the perfect charge rate at any engine RPM. The advanced heat sink has the added benefit of lowering the operating temperature dramatically improving reliability.Our ESR650 is supplied with a full one year warranty.

HONDA Street BikesGL500 Silverwing / Interstate (81-82)
CX500T Turbo (82)
VF500F/F2 (84-86)
VF500C / V30 Magna (84-85)
VT500C Shadow (83-86)
VT500FT Ascot (83-84)
CX650C (83)
CX650T Turbo (83)
GL650 Silverwing / Interstate (83)
VF700C Magna (84-88)
VF700F Interceptor (84-85)
VF700C Magna (84-87)
VF700S Sabre (84-85)
VT700C Shadow (84-85)
VF750S Sabre (82-83)
VF750C Magna (82-83)
VF750F V45 Interceptor (83-84)
VF1000F Interceptor (84)
VF1000R (84-86)
VF1100S / V65 Sabre (84-85)
VF1100C / V65 Magna (83-86)
VT1100C Shadow (85-86)


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