Electrosport ESR370 Regulator and Rectifier


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ESR370 is a modern high quality regulator/rectifier that replaces the old-style OEM regulator/rectifiers on various Kawasaki models. We built it around a highly efficient heat sink and used the newest type of regulation circuits to make this ESR370 the best regulator you can get for your Kawasaki.Our ESR370 regulator/rectifier controls its output voltage very precisely which results in a perfect charge rate for your battery across the RPM range.Like all other regulator/rectifiers that ElectroSport produces, this ESR370 also is supplied with a full one year warranty.

KZ650CSR (81-82)
KZ700 (84)
KZ750 LTD (80-83)
KZ750E (80-83)
KZ750R GPZ750 (twin shocks)
KZ1000A / MKII (79-80)
KZ1000B / LTD (79-80)
KZ1000C Police (MKII motor)
KZ1000 Z1R (79-80)
KZ1000LTD Classic (80)
KZ1000ST (shaftdrive)


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