Electrosport ESR261 Regulator and Rectifier


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ESR261 is a modern high quality regulator/rectifier that offers superior performance compared to the OEM unit it replaces. We used our latest generation power circuit and installed it in a highly efficient heat sink. ESR261 is offered as a plug in replacement with high quality connectors and wiring, and it runs much cooler thanks to the advanced heat sink design and modern circuitry that is utilized.We offer our ESR261 regulator/rectifier with a full one year warranty.

SRX250 (86-87)
FZR600R (95-99)
YZF600R (95-96)
YZF600R (97-01)
YZF600R (02-07)
YZF-R6 (99-02)
YZF-R6 (03-05)
YZF1000R1 (98)
YZF-R1 (99-01)


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