Electrosport ESR190 Regulator and Rectifier


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ESR190 is a high quality regulator/rectifier that replaces the OEM Honda part. Power handling is superior, and the part is designed to be a plug in replacement.Our ESR190 regulator feeds the field coil in the alternator that is mounted behind the cylinder block. When the alternator field coil fails (which happens quite often actually) and its resistance drops to less than 1 Ohm it usually takes out the Honda OEM regulator/rectifier too.This new ESR190 has some advanced safety features, which include an over-temperature safety circuit which prevents regulator failure due to a bad stator or field coil. This is a major and important difference with the OEM regulator/rectifier.ESR190 also a modern design heat sink that gets rid of internal heat to the housing quickly and efficiently, making for a very reliable unit. Our ESR190 comes with a full one year warranty, just like all regulator/rectifiers manufactured by ElectroSport.

CB650Z / A (chain drive)
CB650SC Nighthawk SOHC (chain drive)


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