Corrosion Block – Aerosol 12oz x3 Cans



Corrosion Block – Aerosol 12oz

Corrosion Block is a clean fluid that actively protects metal using advanced polar bonding chemistry. Synthetic additives in Corrosion Block completely penetrate corrosion cells… replacing the salt water which is then allowed to evaporate. Corrosion Block’s hydrophobic film remains to further protect the metal acting like an ‘OFF SWITCH’ for corrosion.

Corrosion Block has superior features:
1. It is a superior anti-corrosion compound.
2. It kills existing corrosion in progress.
3. It prevents new corrosion cells from forming for 12-18 months.
4. It is an excellent penetrant.
5. It is an excellent light lubricant.
6. It is non conductive and excellent for protecting electronics.


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