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BCLFP01 is a starting lithium battery ideal for motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, lawnmowers and ATVs. Ultra light and with a guaranteed service life, it has very…

BCLFP01 is a starting lithium battery ideal for motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, lawnmowers and ATVs. Ultra light and with a guaranteed service life, it has very low charging times compared to other batteries.

Technical data:

Battery Type: LiFePO4 – Lithium Iron Phosphate
Voltage: 12 Volt
Cranking Power (CA): 120
Weight (Kg): 0.4
Size (mm): 92x52x90
Capacity (Ah): 2
Corresponding Battery Codes: LFP01
Polarity: negative pole left, positive pole right
– LOWER WEIGHT, ULTRA-LIGHT: BC Lithium Batteries are up to 80% lighter than equivalent lead/acid batteries
– LONGER LIFESPAN: about 2000 charge / discharge cycles, vs 300/400 of lead/acid batteries. Lifespan in stock: over 1 year
– GUARANTEED SAFETY: non-flammable and non-explosive, no risk of acid leakage. Safe for use in motorsport
– HIGHER POWER: high cranking current, up to two times the power of equivalent lead/acid batteries
– RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: eco-friendly and non-polluting, no acids or heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury)
– FAST CHARGING: reduced charging times, they can be charged with higher currents, they do not self-discharge on shelves


1) How to ensure an ideal maintenance of the battery?

The average daily self-discharge of a battery corresponds at about 0.5-1% of its capacity and this value increases when the external temperature rises: therefore, if your vehicle is unused for more than 15 days in a row, you should consider the opportunity to buy a battery charger belonging to BC Battery Controller family: the device automatically reads the charging parameters in real time, providing the necessary current to keep the battery in its best condition.

2) Why are problems with batteries more common during the winter season?
Although the natural self-discharge of batteries is higher when the external temperature increases, typically during the summer, batteries have to work in really tough condition during the winter: for example, the engine oil viscosity increases, making it harder for the battery to start the engine and requiring therefore a higher power; moreover, particularly with seasonal vehicles (e.g. motorbikes, boats) batteries remain unused and connected to the electrical system to support several equipments (alarm, clock, immobilizer and so on): the battery has to face not only its natural self-discharge, but also a slow and steady discharge from those devices. These are the worst conditions since they produce a very deep discharge, often lethal (sealed batteries and particularly gel batteries are very delicate: a deep discharge and the consequent sulfation often make them irrecoverable).

3) What does “sulfation” mean?
Sulfation is a physical phenomenon consisting in the formation of lead-sulfate crystals inside the battery. It is one of the most common causes of substitution of the battery and it can arise in two ways:

1- When the battery undergoes a deep discharge, the crystal concentration increases and the crystals tie together forming crusts on the battery plates.
2- When the battery plates are exposed to air, because of the low electrolyte level, it occurs oxidation and subsequent sulfation.

Sulfation reduces significantly the life of a battery, since the surface of the plates for the electrolysis decreases, as well as the current provided.
The battery chargers in the BC Battery Controller family keep the battery always at its best charge condition, between 95% and 100%, preventing the sulfation. Moreover, during the Absorption/desulfation cycle, BC battery chargers reduce the concentration of lead-sulfate in deep discharged batteries, bringing the battery back to the level of charge necessary for a normal functioning.

4) Can I leave the battery connector always installed on board?
Each BC Battery Controller includes a standard battery connector with eyelets, designed to be left always on board of your vehicle in a 100% safe way. Since the batteries of motorbikes and cars are often installed in hard-to-reach places, the cable makes it possible to do it just once, allowing a fast and easy connection every other time.
Motorbikes’ owners, for example, can install the cable and leave the connector just under the saddle, where they can reach it in few seconds.
In this way, you will install the cable just once and leave it always on board of the vehicle: maintaining the efficiency your battery will become an easy routine!

Don’t worry: the cable is realized with high quality materials specific for the use in the Automotive industry (resistance to oils, greases, atmospheric agents and thermic/mechanical stress guaranteed), it has a water-proof cap and it’s provided with a protection fuse that will insulate the battery in case of short circuit. In short it’s useful, easy and most of all 100% sure.
5) What can I do to charge more than one battery?
If you have more than a motor vehicle with a battery to charge and maintain, you can purchase another cable with eyelets (code STD2V): installing a cable on every vehicle and leaving it always connected, you can use your BC in rotation on all the vehicles, ensuring a satisfying maintenance to all your batteries.

If you want more, you can consider purchasing the professional Battery Charger and Tester BC Pro 4S, able to charge, recovery and maintain up to 4 batteries at the same time.
6) Can I charge also 6V and 24V batteries with BC Battery Controller?
Yes! To recharge 6V batteries, you can purchase the universal 6/12V battery charger BC K900, while for 24V batteries our range includes the battery charger BC Plus 4000 – 24V.

Chargers and Maintainers:
1) Can I “forget” my BC Battery Controller always connected to the battery?
Yes, you can leave your charger connected to the battery even for months, because it will never overcharge your battery! The charging algorithm guarantees the quality of the voltage and current provided to the battery. You will never have to remove the plugs of the battery nor to disconnect the battery from the vehicle. The electronic system on board of your vehicle, even the most sophisticated, won’t be damaged with BC Battery Controller.
This is the main advantage of using intelligent and automatic battery chargers instead of the traditional ones, which have to be disconnected from the vehicle to avoid damaging the electronic devices installed on it and which overcharge the battery, generating dangerous explosive gases and reducing the battery electrolyte level.
BC chargers are safe and protected against short circuit and overtemperature! If the internal temperature of BC Battery Controller increases too much, the electronic circuit will immediately limit the current provided, until the normal condition is restored.

2) Is BC Battery Controller compatible with BMW motorbikes?
Sure! All motorbikes – including BMW ones – are equipped with lead-acid batteries (traditional, Gel, MF, AGM, VRLA): BC battery chargers are universal and so they can charge and maintain all types of batteries on the market.
If you love BMW motorbikes, you probably know that they use to feature a DIN4165 cigar socket, with a diameter smaller than the standard one (12 mm instead of 18 mm). For all BMW motorcycles provided with CAN-Bus system, we suggest the model BC K900, which is the only battery charger compatible with the 12V socket usually installed on BMW motorcycles.

All other motorcycle battery chargers in BC range can be used for the charge and maintenance of batteries installed on BMW motorbikes, connecting the charger directly to the battery through the connector with eyelets (cod. STD2V) or the traditional clamps (cod. 30AMPPZ), already included in the packaging of our battery chargers.
3) Is a battery charger with a max. current of 0.9 A enough for a 100/120 Ah car battery?
To answer this question, you have to consider your own needs: if you have a battery with the capacity of 100 Ah and you need to charge it really fast (e.g. overnight), you should consider the opportunity to purchase more powerful battery chargers, like BC 3500 EVO and BC 9000 EVO. But if your only need is to maintain the battery of your car during long periods when your vehicle is idle (e.g. 2 weeks, or months), the BC Battery Controller you use for your motorbike could still be the right solution for your car: it will take more than charging a small battery, but once the product reaches the maintenance cycle it will be exactly the same.

1) Can I exploit the cigar socket of my vehicle to recharge the battery?
Cars, a growing number of motorbikes and other vehicles are equipped with a cigar socket.
Did you know that you can charge the battery directly from the cigar socket? Many people think that cigar sockets can work only outputs from the battery, while they can be easily use as an input too: it’s only necessary to verify that the cigar socket works when the vehicle is off. In this case, you just have to purchase ACC612V – the universal cigar socket connector – and connect your BC to your cigar socket.
You won’t need clamps nor dirty hands anymore to keep you battery at its best!
2) What happens if I invert the battery poles while installing the cable?
All the products in BC Battery Controller family are protected against battery polarity inversion, even for an indefinite time. In case you accidentally invert the eyelets, the internal diagnostic system of the battery charger will immediately notice it without any damage to the battery, the charger and the user. Moreover, your BC will signal the anomaly on the LCD display or through LEDs, according to the model purchased.
3) What happens if the positive and negative poles of the battery cable get in touch (short circuit)?
All the products in BC Battery Controller family are protected against short circuit, even for an indefinite time. In case the eyelets connected to the battery accidentally get in touch, the protection fuse will immediately insulate the battery, avoiding the production of dangerous sparks. Moreover, your BC will signal the anomaly on the LCD display or through LEDs, according to the model purchased.


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