BC Battery Controller PRO 4S – Professional charger/tester lead/acid & lithium



BC PRO 4S is a multiple battery charger, 4 independent and automatic charging units with microprocessor for the initialization of new batteries, the recovery of deeply discharged batteries and the recharge of used batteries
The three front units are equipped with a LED bar with voltmeter
The central multipurpose unit is provided with a LCD-display with digital voltmeter and it works as a battery charger and battery & alternator tester, with two specific programs for all lead-acid batteries (wet, gel, MF, AGM, VRLA…) and for lithium-iron phosphate batteries (LFP – LiFePO4)
Lead-Acid Program for lead-acid batteries: 8-steps charging technology, including the battery recovery (starting from 1.25 V) and desulfation. Clear indication of the time-to-end for charging and desulfation, allowing an efficient time management in workshop
Lithium Program for LiFePO4 batteries: 7-steps charging technology + POLAR Mode, which activates when the integrated sensor detects a low ambient temperature to guarantee an effective charge in full safety
Diagnostics: real time detection/indication of whatever anomaly
Charging current: max 2 Amp for each unit
Complete and fast on-board test! 2 specific procedures for testing lead-acid or lithium batteries. In just one minute, guided by the instructions on the LCD-display, the user can perform the following tests:
1. Battery State-Of-Charge Test at rest
2. Battery Cranking Power Test (Cranking Volts)
3. Test of the Vehicle’s Charging System (Alternator/Regulator)
At the end of the procedure, the Voltmeter Mode allows to monitor the alternator at different RPM values
Printed report of the tests executed (optional)
Aluminum wall mounting bracket included

Charge Current: 4 x 2 A max (Lead/Acid) – 2 A max (LiFePO4)
Battery type: 12 V Lead/Acid (Gel, Wet, MF, VRLA, AGM, Ca/Ca, etc.) and 12 V LiFePO4
Battery capacity: from 3 Ah to 100 Ah (Lead/Acid) – from 1 Ah to 100 Ah (LiFePO4)
Operating Temperature: from -20° to +50°C
Warranty: 1 year


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