BC Battery Controller BC 9000 EVO+ Charger & Maintainer



BC 9000 EVO+


The battery charger BC 9000 EVO+ is ideal for the professional usage both in workshops and garages from demanding customers, on batteries installed on caravans, RVs, cars and boats. It’s provided with an embedded temperature sensor and a microprocessor, executing a cutting edge multicycle algorithm. It features a battery & alternator testing function, and it is ideal for a complete care of all 12V batteries up to 200 Ah, including AGM & EFB batteries, thanks to its START&STOP program. The device is able to solve many battery related issues, as the initialization of new batteries and the recovery and desulfation of used batteries, as well as for regular charging & maintenance.



* 3 programs: CAR for car batteries, BIKE for motorcycle batteries, START&STOP for AGM/EFB batteries

* Maximum charging current: 9 Amp

* LCD display with digital voltmeter

* Testing function: it executes a guided battery test (state of charge & cranking power) and charging system test (alternator/regulator)

* 8-steps charging algorithm: recovery (from 1.25V), charge, desulfation, analysis, maintenance and equalization

* Battery types: traditional, gel, MF, AGM, EFB, VRLA, Ca/Ca

* Embedded temperature sensor

* Protections: polarity inversion, short circuit, overcharge, overheating. No sparks

* It verifies if the battery is able to retain its charge



Input Voltage: 220÷240V ac, 50-60Hz

Output Voltage: 13.8V/14.4V – nom. 12V

Charging Current: 1 A max (Bike) / 9 A max (Car/Start&Stop)

Battery Capacity: 1.2 – 60 Ah (Bike) / 40 – 200 Ah (Car/Start&Stop)

Operating Temperature: -20°C – +50°C

Size: 177 x 127 x 70 mm




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