BC Battery Controller 710-FSUSBDIN-VM



710-USBDIN-VM is more compact and short that our USBDIN with 45° Angle and Dual USB. The advantage of this accessory is that a voltmeter is included into the socket,

therefore the customer can check by themselves if the alternator/regulator is properly recharging the battery (it’s a safety feature for the customers that have bought a lithium battery, as you know lithium battery can get inflated for   overvoltage, so if the alternator charge over 15V it can damage the battery, and if the customer see that the lithium battery is charging over 15V can make a precise check with his mechanic …)

-710-FSUSBDIN-VM is a combined product : 710-FS612V +710-USBDIN-VM. In such a way the USBDIN-VM can be installed on all the motorcycles.


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