Putoline Oil only supplies products for motorised two-wheelers. It has done so since 1970! This makes Putoline Oil unique!

In 1970, Jan Put founded and gave his name to Putoline Oil. At this point in time, the range consisted of lubricants for bicycles and mopeds. Jan, however, had a passion for MX and the range was quickly expanded to include specific products for MX motorcycles. Putoline Oil grows to become a household name in a short period of time.

Putoline Oil goes international at the beginning of the 1980s and export activities are a given. In the years that follow, the product range expands continuously and the list of export countries grows steadily. Putoline Oil now has the world’s largest range of motorcycle lubricants and maintenance products and its products are exported to nearly 40 countries!

We have gained a vast amount of experience down the years, in part on the circuit. This experience and the research that we have carried out ensure that we can supply products with an excellent price/quality ratio. In addition, manufacturing our own products guarantees a consistently high quality.

As an independent manufacturer we can quickly respond to market developments. We keep a close eye on technical trends. The introduction of the new revolutionary N-TECH®additive technology in the world of motorbikes is an excellent example of this. We are constantly developing and are always Driven by Technology!

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