NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK spark plugs are the first choice of the UK’s motorcyclists and the complete range.

The ignition specialist has long been synonymous with the two-wheel bike scene both on the road and also in the motorcycling racing arena where its spark plugs have helped the world’s leading teams and riders to numerous victories.

Nine out of 10 bikers rely on NGK spark plugs which is no surprise as the company supplies the original equipment (OE) spark plugs for most motorcycles on the market.

NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd Marketing Manager Mark Hallam said: “NGK is the world’s number one OE fitment and this new publication includes all the information distributors and motorcyclists require about our spark plug range.

“NGK Iridium IX spark plugs are popular with motorcyclists for their ability to provide enhanced ignition efficiency, better acceleration, faster starting and smoother running, longer life, and better fuel consumption.

“The catalogue’s cover features Russian Speedway star Emil Sayfutdinov, who we sponsor, as our racing plugs are the first choice of top riders who compete at the highest levels of two-wheeled motorsport where they consistently demonstrate their ability to perform in the most stressful and exacting conditions.”

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